Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wrenn - Week 21

Wrenn is pretty much spending her days rolling onto her tummy (and getting mad), eating things like baby dolls, toy giraffes and socks, and looking adorbs. She laughs at so many things these days; tickling her, talking to her, laughing, whispering in her ear. She's a pretty happy girl.

She did fight off a quick little bug (that she got from Landon) - about a day of a runny nose and low-grade fever. I actually took her to the doctor, even though, she was sleeping/acting/eating fine because she was constantly tugging on her left ear. Eardrum looked beautiful! The doctor cleaned out some wax, but I don't think that was it because she has continued to tug at that ear ever since. So 2 thoughts... she found her ears and is obsessed or we have some teething going on (you know how all of that plumbing is connected). She has been super drooly lately.

She weighed 15 pounds even at the doctor (7oz more than 2 weeks ago!).


My daddy is so funny!

Note that she is holding her sock while sleeping

She scooted to the head of the crib where she discovered a new baby doll.
I caught her looking at it intensely and talking to it.

I'm on my tummy. I'm mad. Roll me over so I can do it again.


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