Monday, May 18, 2015

Circle Blankie

Carter was given his beloved "circle blankie" on his first Christmas (at 5 months old) and has loved it from that very day. He always slept with it and held it up to his little nose while sucking his thumb. While he held it, he would rub his finger on the corner of it. All 4 corners are rubbed thin and black (even when clean). Anytime we'd leave the house, we'd always ask, "Got circle blankie?" It went wherever Carter Bear went. We've spent many hours searching for that blankie when lost. Lots of trips back to the house to get it if forgotten. Once even driving over and over through a tobacco field on my parent's farm because he dropped it off of the golf cart.

By the way, he named it "circle blankie" after he started learning his shapes. I always loved that he called it circle and not polka dot.

Even now that he doesn't suck his thumb, he still sleeps with it. I'll see him snuggling with it at night when I go in to steal a kiss after they are sleeping.

The other day, while reading them a bedtime story, Wrenn grabbed it (she was laying on their bed with us). I watched Carter carefully to see his reaction. He just looked at her, smiled, and said, "awwww...she has my circle blankie."

And then I died.


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