Thursday, May 21, 2015


The kids and I recently spent a weekend at my parent's house in Virginia. I LOVE being home on the farm. The air is different. The greens are greener. The skies are bluer and bigger. And just being at home and with family is so good for my soul.

The boys had so many fun adventures while exploring. I love that I can just send them off and let their imaginations go wild. I have so many fond memories exploring the farm growing up.

See those 2 little boys waaaaaaaay down there. They walked miles on the farm.

They had a lot of fun getting spoiled by Nannie and Papa...lots of snuggling and a little farming.

This was my Granny's house, who lived next to us on the farm. I have so many special memories of my Granny and her house.

We celebrated my nephew, Adam's 8th birthday while there. The 4 oldest boy cousins had a blast together and Miss Wrenn got lots of cuddles, even from the youngest boy cousin, Wesley.

We also got to see my almost 94 year old grandfather, which is such a special treat. (I also taught my Papa what a selfie is.)


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