Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Webelo & A Tiger

It's the end of the Cub Scout year and during the end-of-year ceremony, the boys advance to the next level. They get their new colors (hat, neckerchief, and neckerchief slide).  Landon is now a Webelo I (Webelo = We'll be loyal Scouts). And? And! Carter is FINALLY a Cub Scout. He has been attending Scout meetings and events for the past 3 years with Landon. He knows the Scout sign, oath, and salute. He's looked at every Scouting book cover to cover numerous times. He has been anxiously awaiting when he could join (as a rising 1st grader). He received his Tiger colors and is so excited (although you can't really tell from the picture here...he said he had to be serious. LOL).



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