Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Landon's Actual 9th Birthday

We had already had the friend birthday party the weekend before and the family birthday party to come, but we couldn't let the day go by uncelebrated.

Carter worked hard on a birthday card for his big brother the day before. He asked, "Mommy, how do you spell special?" I looked over at the card and saw he had written "I hope your birthday is s..." My heart swelled.

On his birthday eve, and like everything birthday eve, the Mister and I blew up about 30 balloons (with an air pump) so I can cover the birthday boy's entire floor. And every year, the Mister blows up about 5 and says "Ok, that's enough." I make him push on and he repeats that about every 3-5 balloons after. I end up having to blow up about 10 on my own. I add streamers everywhere: the door frame, the bunk bed, the dresser, the stair banister outside of his room, and the bathroom mirror. I hope they remember this tradition fondly when they grow up, and do this for their children.

I let Landon play hooky from school and I took the day off from work. Landon asked if his baby brother could play hooky too so he could enjoy the day with him. How would I ever say no to that?

I made him his favorite breakfast, mama's scrambled eggs and cheese. (And you have to blow out a candle in your eggs!)

He also enjoyed one of his favorite beverages, an iced (decaf) hazelnut latte.

Then we headed over to the mall (with Wrenn and our nanny, Lindy, in tow). We started at Dave & Buster's (an arcade) for a little bit, then took a break to eat lunch at the food court. Landon was wearing a birthday necklace. The manager at ChickFilA, where we chose to eat, saw the birthday necklace and came over to me and asked if he could bring us all a special treat for his birthday. ChickFilA is awesome!

Then went back to Dave & Busters for some more fun while Miss Lindy took Wrenn home for a nap. I had such a great time with the boys that afternoon. They got A LOT of tickets, which they pooled together and traded for a basketball.

Landon was thrilled with his gifts. Carter gave him some magic sets. Wrenn gave him Taylor Swift's new album, 1989. That's the smile you see below.

We went out to dinner - Landon's choice, Ruckus Pizza. And had frozen yogurt afterwards. The Mister and I gave Landon our gift, a Camelbak WITH BACKPACK POCKETS! He has a Camelbak watering pack, but he's been swooning over the ones with small pockets too. We filled the pockets with a book, Pokemon cards, and candy.

I think it was definitely a good day celebrating my 9 year old, Landon!


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