Monday, June 29, 2015

Paw Patrol - Landon's 9th & Carter's 6th Joint Party

For the boy's joint birthday party with family, they decided on a Paw Patrol theme (a tv show about dogs). I have noticed that I have been getting more low-key and less complicated with my parties. It's refreshing!

We had a mid-afternoon cookout with hot dogs, hamburgers, all the fixins, baked beans, mac & cheese, and chips. I also had pretzel rods (aka "fetch sticks") and Scooby Snacks graham cookies (aka "dog treats") as snacks. I served the chips and pretzels in (new and clean) dog food bowls and graham cookies in a (new and clean) dog treat container. I picked those up at the $ Tree. I set out to make "toilet water" which is a basic punch recipe (white grape juice, Sprite, Koolaid, and sugar). For toilet water, I was supposed to use blue Koolaid. Lesson learned...just because the Koolaid packet is blue, doesn't mean the actual Koolaid will be blue. So we ended up with red punch and I scrapped the "toilet water" sign (because red toilet water is just gross). I served water and beer too.

I picked up Paw Patrol invitations and napkins at my local party store and basic cups, plasticware, and divided plates at Walmart (sticking to red, blue, yellow, and green to keep with the colors of Paw Patrol). I had a Paw Patrol tablecloth and balloons...again, keeping it simple.

I made the most easiest but cutest cake - a paw print. All it was was one round cake and three cupcakes. All from one box of cake mix and one tub of icing. Easy peasy.

It was a great time getting together with family and celebrating my two sweet boys. Nine and six! Wow.


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