Monday, July 13, 2015

Carter is SIX!

Our Carter Bear turned SIX yesterday! He is growing up so fast and has changed so much just over the past year. We love seeing the person he is turning into.

Carter is HILARIOUS! You never can anticipate what is going to come out of that little boy's mouth. We are constantly laughing from this guy. He loves life and being silly in it. And I adore that about him.

Although he loves making people laugh, he really likes his time to himself as well. I often find him playing cars in the play room by himself or sitting down reading a book away from everyone. He needs that alone time to recharge, like his daddy.

He's a tough kid. He hangs right in there with his big brother and gives mess right back to him. I've actually seen him take Landon out in a game of football. It's hard not to laugh. :P

He is obsessed with sports, particularly soccer. He plays every day in the back yard, with folks and by himself. He would rotate his Messi soccer outfit and his US soccer outfit every day if I would wash them fast enough. We plan to get him on a soccer team soon, and he keeps asking when he will start playing in a stadium!

He really excelled in school this year. He started the year not being able to read and so frustrated trying, but caught on quickly which built his confidence. He is reading Landon's chapter books that are geared a few grade levels above him, and is actually able to comprehend what he is reading. He's also really taken to reading his Bible on a daily basis, multiple times a day.

He is very structure- and routine-oriented. If there's a change, he questions everything about it. Once he understands the ins and outs of the change, he can adjust and roll with it. But he really needs that communication piece!

He went through a big change this year moving from the baby of the family to the middle child. I've been told all of these horror stories about the "middle child" but he's really figuring out his new role just great. He somewhat ignored Wrenn at first and I depended mostly on Landon for help with her, but Carter has shown much more interest in her over the past few months and has been my go-to for help. (And Landon has fallen more into pre-teen, Minecraft-obsessed compliance.) His favorite task is feeding her baby food. He probably gets more on her bib than in her mouth, but watching them is absolutely adorable.

He is going to make a really good, attentive husband. He tells me I'm pretty often. He notices when I wear something new or get a hair cut or pedicure. He gives me massages and back rubs frequently without being asked, and even rubs lotion on me! I have been laying in the bed nursing Wrenn before and I'll feel little hands rubbing lavender lotion on my legs. I don't even have to look because there's only one man in my house that would do that.

We are so proud of the person he is becoming. We absolutely adore Carter and feel so blessed to have this angel in our lives.

(We had a fun day celebrating him! Details to come...)


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