Thursday, July 23, 2015

Carter's Birthday Surprise

I love discovering new things about the boys and their personalities and character traits through behaviors. When I asked Landon what he wanted to do for his birthday with his friends, he gave me this long list of friends and had these grand party plans, including lots of specific details (ahem, like his mother).  Carter, on the other hand, gave me the names of two boys and wanted to go see a movie and have a sleepover. Simple, quiet, and low-key (like his daddy).

One of the boys wasn't able to make it so his birthday fun consisted of one really good friend and Carter was completely happy with that. The original plan was to take them to the movies to see Inside Out and have the boy sleep over.

Then I started thinking...  We got tickets to the Carolina Railhawks soccer game instead! I sent a message to the Railhawks on Twitter asking if they could do anything special for my birthday boy, which resulted in them allowing us to sit on the team bench during warm-ups!!! We didn't tell Carter our plans until we actually pulled in! The funny thing was that he was bummed for a second about not going to see the movie (!!!!!), but after I explained that we would still go see Inside Out soon, he was excited!

He loved watching the guys warm up (FROM THE TEAM BENCH!!!!!) and even got high-fives from some of them, including the goalie!

He had fun watching the game and we won 3-2! And Carter's favorite soccer player, Messi may have been replaced by a new fave...NACHO!!!

His friend slept over and they had some fun the next morning playing cars, doctor, and shooters. #boys

Don't let me forget...I have to get him to the movies soon to see Inside Out!!!


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