Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas at the Joneses

We arrived at my parents at 11AM on Christmas morning. I was especially homesick this Christmas so it was so good to be home. Apparently Nanny left word with Santa that her grandkids had been very good little boys & girls this year (and even her children) because he left a ton of goodies.

He left the boys some really cute clothes and a car DVD player (thank goodness...our hand-me-down one died about a year ago and we really need some entertainment for Landon during all of our travels). A few things that Landon got: a personal CD player and a Taylor Swift CD, some Handy Manny toys including a Talkin' Tool Box, a belt that he was pretty stoked about, and the cutest pair of Sperry's! And a few things that Carter got: a microphone/music/light toy, a personalized Taggie lovie blanket that he LOVES (he is such a blankie boy), and the cutest John Deere boots to match big brother's!

Rhina always finds the coolest VT stuff for us. This year she surprised us with a VT cutting board and cute VT jersey napkins. Angela got us a really cool personalized slate to hang outdoors with a Hokie bird on it. I also got a green pea coat, blue ballet flats, purple heels and my favorite...drum roll please...A ROOMBA! I was soooo excited to open this up and everyone thought I was crazy. But now that they've experienced the wonders of a Roomba (my brother and sister got one too), they are in love. I will have to blog separately on this, as I have a lot to say!!! :)

Landon and Carter had a great time with Nanny & Papa, their aunts & uncles and all of their cousins. Landon and Adam made a lot of fun out of cleaning up (I wish I had this much fun cleaning!)! *Please note the matching John Deere cowboy boots in the video (Adam got a pair for Christmas, as well as Jeter & Carter)!

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