Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

Our Christmas Eves consist of church, opening our gift of an ornament to each other, getting on our new Christmas PJs, leaving out cookies and milk for Santa, and reading the story of Jesus' birth and The Night Before Christmas. We also (now) bid farewell to our friend Snakey the Sneaky Elf - see ya next year Snakey!

As we were at our church's Christmas Eve service, I was thinking back to last year when Landon yelled out (at a very quiet point in the program) - "there's baby Jesus!". The boys did great during the service - Carter slept through most of it and Landon sat in my lap and loved the music (he enjoyed listening to me sing the songs in his ear quietly, like our little secret). Carter did have a coughing fit on the way out and vomited all over Christopher while we were walking out - good timing!

We opening our ornaments to each other.

Carter: Baby's First Christmas Peapod
Landon: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Glove Balloon
Christopher: Wolverine
Katherine: the Grinch (I get one of these every year...I love the Grinch!!!)

The boys were so cute in their jammies. And Landon was super-excited about Santa's arrival!

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