Friday, January 1, 2010

It ain't Christmas if the Bagleys aren't sick!

The past few years one of us has been sick over Christmas - ranging from Norwalk virus to puking babies. So if we aren't sick at Christmas, it's just not the same. We like traditions around here. So to keep to tradition and really rock it out this year, all 4 of us decided to be sick!!!

Carter has been sick off & on with a bad cough since the beginning of December. The doctor told us it was a virus. The cough and mucous got so bad that he was throwing up. So on 12/23, Christopher took him to the doctor for us to be told (again) that it's just a virus...tough it out, padres! The doctor also said that his bottom gums were inflamed so he was probably trying to cut teeth. Then Christopher starting with the same cold and horrible cough (the one where you have to take cough syrup every 4 hours to keep from dying). Christmas night, Carter started not sleeping at night (pretty much screaming for hours and hours and hours). I also received the pleasure of getting the same cough and cold on Christmas day. The following week (which we had off to relax), Landon starting running a 102 fever (which we were thinking was from his 2nd H1N1 vaccine that he got but weren't sure) and Carter continued to scream and scream and scream. I took Carter back to the doctor on 12/31 praying for an ear infection (I know that sounds awful but I needed an answer and a fix!!!). After removing the clog of wax out of one ear, the doctor saw an ear infection. (By the way, I clean this kid's ears EVERY day and remove a ton of wax - I need one of those long pick things that the doctor used!) So at least we have him on some medicine now. Landon's fever is coming down but we've had to start his breathing treatments due his labored breathing from the same cough and cold. Christopher and I are feeling better, but have a lingering cough.

Merry Christmas Bagleys!!!

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