Friday, January 29, 2010

More Landon Funnies

I don't think all of the funny things that Landon says will continue to fit on my sidebar. The kid constantly cracks me up!!! I'm going to start posting them with a label "Landon Says The Darndest Things" that you can find in the label section on the sidebar and all of his funny stories can be pulled up from there.

Here's his latest...

I was trying to get my 3 boys out of the house last weekend to make it to a surprise party in time...and lost my cool for a little bit. So once we all got in the car and were on our way, I apologized to them for raising my voice. Landon said (with a very serious look on his face) "Mommy, I'm counting on you". I asked "Counting on me to do what?". He replied, "I'm counting on you not to yell again!" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were at a restaurant in VA and Landon asked if we were close to his Nannie and Papa's house. I told him yes. He said "OH MY GOODNESS...That freaks me out!!!".

Seriously, where does a 3 year old get these things?


These used to be on my sidebar:

Things he wants to be when he grows up: a robot, a baby robot, a Daddy, a Grandpa, a boy princess, a boy Mommy (does he mean a Daddy or a cross-dresser?)

He likes to dip his apples in "camel" sauce.

He throws diapers away in the "diaper crap" (aka Diaper Champ).

When counting his coins, he counts his "corners" & "knuckles" (aka quarters & nickels).

When he asked to go to a party with me & Daddy, I said "Honey, this party is only for Mommys & Daddys"; he replied "No, it's for Mommys, Daddys & Honeys!".

When looking at some ponies at a pony ride, he exclaimed to the top of his lungs (in public), "Look Mommy, they have a penis like me!". Anyone have a hole that I crawl in?

When asked what shape he wanted his grilled cheese cut in, he replied "a trapezoid" - hold on honey, I have to google that!

When passing an ATM, he said "Look, a piggy bank!".

He likes to conserve water & "lighttricity" - he's a tree-hugger in the making (just like his mommy).

I told him thank you for helping me unload the dishwasher & he replied "my pleasure"!

He looked at his Daddy's biceps & said "wow" with a look of total awe & admiration.

Landon needed a "tooth q-tip" (aka a toothpick)!

Off & on, Landon "loses his manners".

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