Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

Snow...the only occasion where grown-ups can play just as hard as a kid and no one looks at them like a weirdo! I love it!!!

The snow started Friday night and went on into early Saturday afternoon. We ended up with about 4 inches of snow with an inch of ice on top.

Landon was so excited about the snow - I heard him looking out of his window at 5:30 AM & then he ran into my bedroom to tell me that there was snow outside. I sent him back to bed and he slept about another hour. We got all bundled up and went outside to play in the backyard later that morning while Carter napped. We have a nice size hill that we can sleigh down, but it leads into our neighbor's backyard so we have to be careful not to slam into her deck!

Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning we played at Bond Park. The park boasts a HUGE hill (Landon referred to it as a "mountain"). There were easily 100 people out there sledding down the slope (which, by the way, was marked with a sign that read "Please stay off slope"). There were some inventive people out there - we saw the following being used to sled (in addition to the normal sleds): trash bags, trash can lids, cookie sheets, flattened boxes, tarps, the top of a skateboard, boogie boards, a sun visor that goes in the windshield of your car, inner tubes & pool floats. We had a ton of fun and I escaped with minor injuries (of course, my bare finger found the only chunk of ice out there as I was speeding past on the sled - a purple pinkie never killed anyone).

We finished up the day on Sunday sledding some more in the backyard. I was so proud of Landon as he went down the hill on his own! This is a big deal for Landon...he's sort of a scaredy-cat! Landon & Daddy also built a snowman, using left-over peppers from the garden for his eyes and mouth!

Christopher & I snuck out of the house after we got the boys tucked into bed Sunday night and went sledding in the backyard. We made a new track that went under the blackberry line and almost into the woods behind our neighbor's house. We went down with Christopher on his stomach and me laying on his back - we were giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls! :)

We also made some yummy snow cream. Just grab some clean snow and mix in milk, sugar and vanilla. And enjoy!!!

Here's a video montage of our sledding adventures. The first few are in our yard, then there are a few from Bond Park (you can actually see the chunk of ice fly out from our sled in the clip of me & Landon), and the last 2 are of Landon sledding by himself! The very last clip is blurry, but I had to include it - it is so funny (Landon actually goes air-born at the end). Enjoy!

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  1. Great videos...i love the one where you get a running start and then miss the sled!! :)