Monday, January 18, 2010

No Use In Crying Over Spoiled Milk

After months of consultation with my lactation consultant and the process of elimination and trial & error, we have concluded that there is an excess of the enzyme called lipase in my breast milk. Lipase breaks down the milk fat soon after the milk is expressed. When mother's have this excess, their refrigerated and frozen milk begins to smell and/or taste sour soon after it's stored even after following all storage guidelines closely (mine can last only 2 days in the fridge). The milk is not harmful, but the baby will most likely reject it.

So with that being said, I have A LOT of frozen milk in my freezer that cannot be used...approximately 500 ounces to be exact. This stuff is often referred to as liquid gold, as it is hard to come by for most mothers. I filled 2 kitchen garbage bags with this unusable milk. All 500 ounces. That's about 63 feedings!!!

That hurt...bad.

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