Friday, January 1, 2010

Rosie the Robot

We were given an iRobot Roomba (530 model) for Christmas. I LOVE THIS THING!!! I have always wanted one. It's a little robot who vacuums your floor for you. It can do 3 rooms in one cleaning cycle, can transition from all different types of flooring, and docks itself when done. It gets in places that you wouldn't normally be able to get to. And it really works! It has sensors that slows it down when it gets near furniture (it has a hard time with dark objects so it tends to bump into my black fridge and oven). It also includes 2 little towers that you can set up to basically block off a room if you wanted to keep it out of a certain area. You would not believe the stuff it actually picks up.

I named her Rosie, like the Jetsons' maid. My sister decided to name hers a slang word derived from the term meaning "a female dog" - she likes to "holla" "clean my floors, [insert word]" at hers! LOL!

I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting on my couch, eating pretzels, and watching my Rosie clean my floors! :)

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