Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update on Carter's Pneumonia

Christopher took Carter back to the doctor today to re-evaluate his pneumonia. The doctor thinks that he is on his way to getting better. He definitely still has the infection and she can still hear it in his breathing, but she said that his breathing seems more relaxed today. She also said that it takes a long time to get over pneumonia, 10-14 days to clear up with a cough lingering for even a week after that. She did say that things could go south very quickly so to remain on guard and bring him back if anything changes (cough worsens, throwing up again, breathing seems worse, etc.).

She said that we could take him back to daycare tomorrow because she understands that we have to work, but it's always a possibility that he could pick something up from there. We are going to keep him out today and tomorrow, and take him back on Monday.

His 6-month appointment is scheduled for January 22nd & we will do another chest x-ray then (and Christopher will definitely be present for this one!!!).

Thanks for the concerns, thoughts and prayers. Keep them coming - we're not completely out of the woods yet.

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