Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If it's not one kid sick, it's the other

My poor, poor Landon has been so sick. He's had an ear infection for about a week and a half in his right ear (which still has a tube in it). We've been treating that with antibiotic ear drops. Monday night he told me that his tummy hurt when going to bed. I was sure that he was using one of his stalling tactics to keep me in his room a little bit longer and basically told him to suck it up and go to bed. A few hours later, he was screaming and I went upstairs to find him sitting in a bed full of vomit. * Thank you to the Academy for this lovely Mother of the Year Award. I accept it with a heavy heart.* He said he felt better, we got him cleaned up and put him back to bed. He was feeling fine Tuesday morning so I sent him to daycare thinking something just didn't sit right on his tummy. I received a call from daycare during their nap time to come pick him up because he had vomited again. He hasn't vomited anymore but has had diarrhea a few times. Christopher took him to the doctor today. The doctor said that he most likely has Rotovirus, and that it is usually making its exit when the diarrhea starts. So he should be over that soon. On the other hand, his ear is so infected that there are BLISTERS ON HIS EARDRUM!!! The drops aren't doing anything for it, either because they just don't work for him anymore or because the drops can't get to his eardrum due to his tube making its way out of his ear. There's only one other drop available and that gives him a rash on the ear and face so that's out. So the doctor put him on a strong antibiotic (good ol' red-poop Omnicef) that should knock it out. And I've been wondering why he's been so whiny and grumpy lately. Hello?!?! Blisters on the eardrum! My poor, poor baby.

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