Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snuggle Bug

Carter loves to suck his thumb & hold on to a blankie at the same time. If a blankie is not available, he will snuggle anything up next to his little nose. Some things he's been caught snuggling with: socks (he is known as the sock stealer at daycare....he takes his own off and also other kids' if they are nearby), PJs & clothes (clean & dirty), diapers (clean & unfortunately dirty), wipes, Daddy's leather belt, his own sleeve, a baby food container lid, toys (snuggly & not-so-snuggly ones), sheets, comforter, raincoat, laundry that I'm folding, my hair, plastic bag (yeah, this was during his Daddy's watch), & our dog Hokie. My sweet little snuggle bug!

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