Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Heart the Morrisville Fire Dept.

As a thank-you to the Morrisville Fire Department for bailing me out recently (read that story here), Landon, Carter and I took some cookies by the station on Monday afternoon.

Landon received the grand tour of the fire station from Mister Eddie. These guys were AWESOME with Landon and words could never express how appreciative I am. Landon pretty much stood there in awe just soaking it all in...quiet as a mouse (which says a lot for him!).

He got to see their kitchen and bedrooms.

He also got to climb up in all 3 engines (front & back) and try on the gloves, hold the flashlights, and even hold the water hose. He learned a lot about the engines from Mister Eddie.

When we were leaving, he got a Fire Chief fire helmet and an invite to come back and have lunch with them!

I thanked Mister Eddie and he told me that he remembered what it was like when he was a little boy. This was such a wonderful experience for Landon and I am so thankful for good people like the guys out at Morrisville Fire Department.

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