Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Joneses Go To Marbles

The Jones family went to Marbles last Friday for a day of fun - me, Landon, Carter, Nannie, Angela (my sister), Elizabeth, Gracie, Beth (my SIL), Adam & Jeter. The kids had a BLAST and I love seeing the cousins together.

My precious boys

The kids enjoyed grocery shopping, fishing, sorting mail, racing cars they put together (poor EJ...she had a hard time like her Aunt Kakee!), playing on a pirate ship, making & delivering pizza, etc. etc. etc.

Carter & Jeter enjoyed riding around in the double stroller. Carter would yell back to Jeter and Jeter would kick back. We finally let them loose to crawl around, and Jeter decided to crawl on top of Carter and just lay there... Carter Bear didn't like that too much.

Special delivery!

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