Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things That Have Made Me Laugh Lately...

  • We had a pretty bad thunderstorm the other night when I was home alone with the boys. I told Landon that I was scared and he said "Don't worry - I'm your garderer". (Guardian, maybe?)
  • Landon enjoyed dipping his apples in a self-invented concoction of ketchup, caramel sauce and Ranch.
  • While the boys were in the bathtub, Carter leaned over and latched on to Landon's nipple and started sucking!
  • Landon has a Darth Vader toy...but he calls it "Elevator" instead.
  • Christopher bought mouse traps for the garage and was explaining how they worked to Landon. Landon asked "Are we catching them so we can cook them and eat them?" Christopher has a one-track mind and was distracted with what he was doing, and absent-mindedly answered YES! You should have seen the look on Landon's face!

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