Sunday, September 26, 2010

Team Captain & Award Winner!

The Panthers pulled another win last Saturday beating the only undefeated team in the league! Landon had a big day - he was designated team captain and won an award. I was one proud mama!

Team captain & coach pep talk

"Coin toss" - the ref held up either 1 or 2 fingers behind his back and Landon had to pick. He picked 2 which was the ref's number and they got to decide whether to start as offense or defense.

My little guy looks pretty tough, huh?

He makes a pretty good center! :)

The league focuses on an element of good sportsmanship every week and 2 players that demonstrate this element win a medal. This week was DETERMINATION and my little guy, along with his BFF Clark, won!!! He was stoked about his medal. I think he's had it on ever since...even in his sleep. His coaches are great! Landon loves Coach Joe and Coach Jason!

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