Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our 5th or 6th Trip to the Doctor in a Month

I took Carter to the doctor yesterday morning because he just wasn't himself. It took the doctor about 0.2 milliseconds to barely look in one ear and say "ooh yeah, that one's bad". Then he looked in the other and said "double ear infection". He's also got some wheezing going on. The doctor gave us some crushed-up Singulair to give him to relieve the wheezing. He prescribed Augmentin for the ear infections. Augmentin has Amoxicillin in it...which if you remember back to this post, he is potentially allergic to. We discussed it and he really thinks that rash came from the Roseola virus and not the Amoxicillin, so he wanted to try it out (which Christopher & I both agree with). He said if he is allergic, he'd start with the rash within the first dose or so. We started it last night, so we are waiting...

My poor Carter Bear has had a really rough month.

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