Sunday, July 31, 2011

Carter's 2 Year Check-Up

Carter's stats at his 2-year check-up:

Height: 33.5 inches (25%)
Weight: 27.1 pounds (35%)
Head Circumference: 47.5 centimeters (20%)

His doctor pointed out that his bottom teeth are very close together, almost crooked so that we'll want to take him to the dentist soon and make sure those get flossed. Do I see braces in our future for that one?

Carter is doing so well with his vocabulary, even putting together 4 word sentences. He is learning his shapes (he asks me to draw a circle all of the time), his colors, and numbers (his teacher sent a note home saying that he counted to 12 - repeating the teacher, I'm sure). He has many animals and their sounds down-pat.

His moods go from sweet to evil and back to sweet like the flip of a switch, which we are told is normal for this age. He likes to throw and hit things when he gets mad, and when I tell him that he is not acting nicely, he asks "Time out?".

He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Thomas the Train, Handy Manny, and "Poo-Poo Bear" (aka Pooh Bear).

And his big brother is the coolest boy that ever walked this Earth in his eyes. He copies everything that Landon does.


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