Saturday, July 30, 2011

Random Fun at the Beach

In no particular order...

Me and my love on the beach

When did this boy get so big?

Crazy Carter in Aunt Ashley's headband

The elevator ride up to our room was always an interesting one; one knocked loudly back and forth (we were even warned by residents not to take one of them as it gets stuck!).

We enjoyed many of Carolina Beach's famous sno-cones (what's up with Carter's new Popeye smile?)

Christopher and Mike doing what they do best...gaming!

Crazy little Olive

Boogie boarding and getting wiped out!

People-watching with Grandpa

Hanging out on the luggage cart

The girls rode in the back of the pick-up all week.

Discovering the sound of the ocean in seashells

This is what I call EXHAUSTED from fun at the beach.

Apparently I make some weird faces! LOL


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