Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peep, Peep! Carter Turns 2!

Last Sunday, the family came over to celebrate Carter's 2nd birthday. Carter loved his Thomas cake and had a wonderful time playing with his cousins and friend, Laken.

The kids loved the kiddie pool and sprinkler...well, all except for Carter. But he was content hanging out with his Gracie.

And this is my other baby who is celebrating a birthday along with Carter. My niece, Elizabeth, turned SIXTEEN!!! The saddest part was going to Hallmark to buy her birthday doll (I have given her one every year since she was a baby), and was informed that the 16 doll is the last in the series! I thanked the lady at Hallmark for ruining my day. This is one special "little" girl to me, who is not so little anymore.


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