Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's Going On With Me

Remember all of my stomach issues and testing...

  • Blood work came back fine.
  • Stool samples came back fine.
  • Had an ultrasound today of my gall bladder, liver, kidney and pancreas - results are being sent to my doctor and I should hear back sometime next week (I asked the tech if anything looked abnormal. She said even though she is not a doctor and cannot give me the final diagnosis...blah blah blah...she didn't see anything of concern.)
  • If that all looks okay, next step is the scope (down the throat and up the booty - hope they use two separate tubes!)

    Although I want to be healthy and find nothing wrong, I also want them to find something wrong so it can be fixed! I have been feeling pretty good this past week, but my symptoms have been coming and going for over 6 months.


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