Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Yesterday was Carter's first "real" day in K as he went to his classroom with his teacher (last week, he went one day for assessments during K staggered entry). He's starting to get homework and papers, etc.

I picked the boys up from school, got home, and was completely overwhelmed with doing and checking homework, looking through Tuesday folders, looking through daily folders, signing this, signing that, asking about their days (Carter didn't use the bathroom all day because he couldn't get his pants down and wouldn't ask for help), unpacking lunchboxes (to find out that Carter isn't eating half of it because he says he can't open it and again, won't ask for help), packing those lunchboxes back up (and struggling to know what to pack for Carter because A) he can't open certain things so he doesn't want them and B) he is SO picky), packing snacks, making sure I put the right things back in the right folders and book bags. After about 45 minutes, I realized I hadn't even started supper and we had to leave early for Scouts. About that time, Christopher walked in the door from work and I just broke down. Tears were flowing.

In 3 months, there will be a baby to add to the mix. And feedings. And diaper changes. And bottles to prep every night for daycare the next day.

I know the first of the school year is tough and you have to get in that groove. We've got to find our groove and our routine. But I am completely overwhelmed.

What works for your family?


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