Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weekly Update: 28 Weeks

28 weeks! Wow! Only 12 weeks to go!!! It blows my mind to think that in just 3 short months, there's going to be a baby in the house again. I just can't wait to meet my sweet baby bird!

At 28 weeks, baby bird weighs 2 and 1/4 pounds and is about 14.8 inches (how specific of BabyCenter) from head to heels. She is the size of a large eggplant.

She has eyelashes!!! Hope they are long like her biggest brother (Landon has THE BEST eyelashes).

And hello, 3rd trimester. You came in like a wrecking ball...wrecking my body and wrecking my mood/emotions (just ask Christopher). I'm just really uncomfortable and my body hurts, especially my right hip. I'm not too hungry and experience heartburn when eating spicy foods (taco night was good last night, but not so good about 2 hours later). But I'm not sick anymore (and still off the NVP meds)!!!

And yes, Christopher...I AM NESTING. So what? I have cleaned out all boy clothes from our attic and gave away to other mamas - 6 Rubbermaid totes and 10 garbage bags from sizes 0 months through 4T!!! And yes, I cried a little. We got down (with the help of my sweet FIL - thanks, Grayson!) from the attic all the baby stuff like bouncie seat, bath tub, swing, Bumbo, Diaper Champ, bassinet, etc. etc. etc. Y'all...babies come with A LOT of stuff. Guest room (soon to be nursery) still isn't cleaned out but I feel like we are making progress. (But we HAVE to do that soon, Christopher!)

I go to the doctor for a regular check up and glucose test (yuck) this coming Monday.


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