Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weekly Update: 29 Weeks

29 weeks!!! Holy smokes. This junk is getting real, y'all. Next week, I will be in my 30s when it comes to weeks pregnant. Whoa. Cuz you know 40 is it, right? Gulp. (Or maybe 41...)

Sweet girl is fattening up in the home stretch. She is 2.5 pounds and a little bit over 15 inches long from head to heel. She's the size of a butternut squash. She is trying to crawl of out my body kicking a lot and HARD, to the point of being pretty dang uncomfortable. I feel pretty good though, minus the pelvic pain and tiredness.

I am nesting. Bad. Even I recognize the ridiculousness of it all. I purged my entire kitchen this past weekend (of small appliances, Tupperware, etc.) and wiped down the cabinets, inside and out. Then I started wiping down the chair railing. And this and that. It's absurd. I was so tired and my feet were killing me but I kept on. AB-SURD.

I had an OB check-up this past Monday, which included my glucose test. I passed! I also got a Tdap vaccine to give the baby a boost of antibodies against whooping cough as she won't get her first vaccination against it until she's 2 months old. This is something that they've started recommending over the past 2 years to pregnant mothers as well as primary caregivers and siblings of newborns with the recent rise in whooping cough (and fatalities among newborns). You can read about it here on the CDC's website. Christopher had a tetanus shot, which also included whooping cough, in 2013 and the boys are up-to-date. (Side note: GET YOUR KIDS VACCINATED, PEOPLE & STOP SPREADING THE YUCKIES. MODERN MEDICINE, YO!)

I haven't been paying attention to my weight at all during this pregnancy. I gained 56 pounds with Landon and 50 with Carter, so I just expected to gain a lot this time around too. Well, when I stepped on the scales and glanced down at the number (that number is not relevant to the story), I thought, "Huh. That's a lot lower than what I expected." So I asked the nurse what my starting weight was. Y'all...I've only gained 25 pounds so far. I am actually tracking with their stupid recommended weigh gain. Pretty sweet! (I guess I can attribute a lot of that to me being so sick the first 22ish weeks).

We also talked about a possible induction as early as 39 weeks. So...I'm not a fan of induction, unless if medically necessary. I refused to be induced with Carter (and had him at 41 weeks on my own, even though I WAS SO READY TO HAVE HIM OUT). However, the doctors are a little cautious to let me go over 40 weeks because of the size of my boys. And with being due around Thanksgiving, she said I need to decide and schedule in the next few weeks because everyone will want to be induced and home before Thanksgiving. Okay...the pluses. I will know when I am going into labor so I can have childcare for the boys arranged with some notice (and not a middle of the night call to my SIL). I can know for sure that I will be able to get the epidural. I'd go in, get the fluids and epi going while being induced. I'm very scared that this little girl is going to come so quickly (3rd baby and assuming she'll be half the labor time of Carter who was half the labor time of Landon) that I won't be able to get the epidural. I barely got it with Carter. As I said before, I love modern medicine (and so do my girl parts). Buuuutttt...I just don't know about being induced. I think (again, unless there is a medical reason) that baby will come when baby is ready and you shouldn't mess with that. Plus, I could have a longer labor with induction. I don't really care about the whole timing thing with doesn't bother me if I am in the hospital over Thanksgiving cuz somebody better be bringing me some turkey no matter where I am. I'm still mulling it over and talking with Christopher. We'll make a decision (soon).

Christopher and I have been talking a lot about what we think baby bird will look like. I just cannot wait to see her. She's going to be so perfect. Squeeeeeeeee!

Thanks for reading and going on this journey with us. Until next week, my friends!


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