Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekly Update: 35 Weeks

F.I.V.E. weeks to go. Five. One, two, three, four, five. Holy smokes!

At 35 weeks, baby bird is 5 & 1/4 pounds and 18 inches long. She is the size of a honeydew melon. Most of what she'll be doing development-wise from here on out is just getting fat. (And apparently mama too - 7 pounds gained in the past 2 weeks...yowzers!)

I had an OB check-up yesterday and the doctor I spoke with was very supportive of my choice not to induce at 39 weeks. He agreed that babies can get stuck, whether they are small or big, and that it was really hard to predict. He also said that he, and the other doctors in the practice, are very skilled at getting a stuck baby out (although that is obviously not the ideal situation because it does carry risks). He said that it was absolutely up to me and not to lose sleep over the decision. I had made my decision, but our conversation was very reassuring. I got my flu shot while there and he confirmed that Miss Wrenn is indeed head down. :)  I'm at weekly appointments now, which blows my mind (and is so hard to schedule around my training schedule at work)!

My feet are SO swollen. And it is so very painful. Some days I start out with ankles and the swelling sets in over the day, but some days I wake up already swollen (like yesterday...I put on cowboy boots for work and quickly realized that it was not going to work because of the swelling, but I couldn't get them off and Christopher had already left for work. My toes were numb by noon.)

People ask how I am feeling and the best I can answer is, "35 weeks pregnant." Oy.


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