Monday, October 27, 2014

North Carolina State Fair 2014

This past weekend, we went to the North Carolina State Fair. Grandma & Grandpa Bagley and cousin Matt joined us. We met up with Uncle Mike and Olive there as well.

We spent T.E.N. hours walking, eating (lots o' eating), riding, and visiting exhibits. It started getting pretty crowded during the later afternoon so we mozied on back home after fighting the crowds back to our (paid) parking. Remember that year my Vibe got broken into while parked (very close to police) on the side of Hillsborough? Yeah, we pay to park in an attended lot now.

The boys had a blast riding rides. This is the first year they haven't wanted to ride the same things. Landon rode some things with his brother but passed on some because "he didn't want to waste his tickets on the baby rides." That didn't bother Carter in the least...he got on rides by himself this year, as did Landon. Landon surprised me this year with his little adventurous flair. He wasn't scared of anything and would have ridden more had we 1) had more tickets and 2) not cut off their riding due to long lines once it got crowded. He wanted to ride one ride that looked like a Scrambler, except it went up in the air, sideways, and SUPER fast. He SQUEAKED by on the height requirement (still debatable, IMO). Much to his mother's protests, he rode it with Uncle Mike and had a blast. I, on the other hand, had envisioned his little body being flown across the fairgrounds and didn't breathe during the entire ride. He also rode the little single car roller coaster (with his Daddy)...he liked it afterwards, but according to Christopher yelled "GET ME OFF" during the ride. LOL  I think he likes the fast spinny stuff (like Mommy likes) and maybe can deal without the stomach-dropping stuff (like Daddy likes). He's definitely turning into a little daredevil, and I am NOT ready for that.

Food. Oh the food. I ate a Mt. Olive sour pickle, elephant ear, fries, cheese fries, John Deere ice cream, and a turkey leg. Many other foods were consumed in our group (by mostly Matt) that included deep-fried mushrooms, corn on the cob, Krispy Kreme do-nut hamburger, Twinx (Twix shoved in a Twinkie, wrapped in bacon, and deep fried), oyster po' boys, apple cider slushies, corn dogs, pizza, etc. etc. etc.

We also saw the biggest pumpkin, beautiful cakes, and a goat show (those things are hard-headed) as well as other animals. We weighed ourselves (an annual tradition that I wish would end) and listened to some bluegrass. I had to stop often to rest (and eat). My feet were sausages by the end of the day, the kids were hyped up on sugar, and I felt like I was going to puke in the middle of the night from all the food so I call our day at the fair a win!

Turkey leg! Pickle sticker! (& boobs sitting on top of my belly!)


The baby didn't like the smell of the animals. He's got his mama's nose.


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