Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Conferences 2014

Last week, we had our first parent-teacher conferences of the 2014/2015 school year.

I mean, I know my kids are sweet and perfect and brilliant but it's always great to hear someone else confirm that (sometimes parents can be a little biased, you know?). Both boys had great reports and Christopher and I left feeling very proud.

Landon's teacher started with, "This is going to be short because I have nothing to say except he's awesome." Landon is so focused this year. In 2nd grade, he'd had issues with chattiness and too many girlfriends, but that's not an issue at all in 3rd. I don't know if it's because he's matured some or if the work is harder (or more interesting - he is digging multiplication and division) so it keeps him focused on his work. But he's very serious about his schoolwork and is doing awesome. He's at a reading level Q already, which is where they need to be at the end of 3rd grade. As you can see on his Fall Conference report, he's at (3) or above (3+ and 4) grade level in all targets. I'm just so proud of him. AND!!! The other day we were talking about one of his Y counselors (who I get to check his math homework) who is going to school to be a math teacher. He beamed up at me and said, "I CAN BE A MATH TEACHER!!!" YES!!!! Remember the stress over what he's going to be when he grows up?

I'll be honest with you...I was a little bit worried over Carter. He'd had a few rough weeks at school so I had no idea what his teacher was going to say about him. She said other than those few incidents, he's been a complete angel. She said he's really sweet, makes friends easily (he's got one little boy named Tristan that he particularly likes), and he's doing great with his schoolwork. As you can see on his Fall Conference report, he's meeting all of his targets as well and his teacher has suggested things that he can work on that are beyond K level.

We feel so blessed to have these 2 great kids. God is good.

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