Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weekly Update: 38 Weeks


Has this really happened? Ok, yes. It has felt like I have been pregnant forever. But also...didn't I just get pregnant? And now that I am at the end (and pretty miserable), I am still kind of sad that it's about to be over. This is the last time I will experience this and I'm actually going to miss it. I've had women confirm my insanity so I *think* I'm with the norm here. Maybe the crazy norm. Carrying a child is a special thing. I am growing a life, y'all. Yes, I get the irritating comments, but I also get the smiles and the beautiful comments. I'll miss this.

BUT I will get to see that sweet little face soon! I'll get to hold her and nurse her and smell her. My boys will get to see their sister they've been highly anticipating. The mister will get to kiss on his little girl. And that's pretty awesome too.

At 38 weeks, she is the size of a leek at over 19.5 inches long and weighing about 6.8 pounds.

I will be checked again for dilation next week, but again, I could go from 0 to baby pretty quickly for this 3rd baby (instead of 1cm one week, maybe 2 the next...). I'm having lots of irregular, random contractions. And I am swollen to the point of no return. My feet are swelling, especially the right one. Actually it kinda freaks me out how much more swollen the right one is (see picture). My hips, tailbone, and pelvis hurt, especially when I sleep (I dread going to bed now because of how painful it is to lay there) and I'm pretty tired.

Today is my last day in the office, and I will begin working from home until she comes.

I think everything is ready unless I am forgetting something. The nursery is ready, hospital bag is packed, diaper bags are packed and in vehicles, car seat bases are installed, leaves of absence have been started for both of us (Christopher gets 2 paid weeks on the company - isn't that awesome?), call lists have been made. What else?

Eeeeeeek!!!!!! I can't wait to meet my baby bird!!!

This is my pensive look (Photography credit: Landon)

WHY is my right foot so much more swollen???


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  1. OMG Girl! Your feet are hurting me just looking at that picture! So sorry! I hope they hurt that bad