Monday, November 17, 2014

No More Thumb Sucking

I mentioned in a previous post about Carter's thumb-sucking cease all at the mention of visiting an ortho at his last dentist appointment . The boy just stopped cold turkey that very night, which shows how strong-willed he is (that's a good and a bad thing).

My aunt, an ortho assistant, talked with her ortho about it and he said he wouldn't even want to see him until he is 7 and already has those 6 year molars in. So we'll see what happens over the next few years since he's stopped the thumb-sucking.

Christopher told him that he would take him to get a prize since he stopped sucking his thumb, and he cashed that in over the weekend. We took the boys (and met Beth and Olive) to see Big Hero 6 at the movie theater. (What an awesome movie! But my boys both had crocodile tears during some sad parts so beware if you have particularly emotional (Landon) or empathetic (Carter) kids...or tired (both) kids.) Afterwards, we walked over to Barnes & Noble where he immediately picked out a Baymax (from the movie) figurine.

We're so proud of our Carter Bear and HIS decision to stop sucking his thumb.


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