Monday, March 23, 2015

Wrenn- Week 12

I hate bottles!
Week 12 was a challenging and stressful week. It was my last week at home before returning to work and the nanny was supposed to start and spend the week with us to learn the routine.

Mother Nature and Wrenn had different ideas. We had a bad ice storm that Monday that caused school to release early and cancel the reset of the week. We didn't have a single routine day that entire week, and the nanny wasn't able to come every day or had to come in late or leave early because of the road conditions.

And on top of all of that, Wrenn decided that she didn't want a bottle (remember that time she took it and made me think she was good to go? Ha!). Carter didn't take his bottles for the first 3 weeks at daycare and I was scared we were in the same predicament. The nanny was super patient with her and would sit with her for a long time trying and singing and talking to her. Wrenn would just scream and scream and scream. And I would sit on the other end of the monitor with tears in my eyes.

We tried different bottles, different temperatures, milk freshly-pumped and at body temp, different feeding positions, different people giving her the bottle (except for me), quiet areas, music, etc. etc. etc. As the week went on, we had a few small wins - her taking a few ounces from the bottle from her daddy after about 30 minutes of trying. Finally, I decided to try to give her the bottle. I had always heard for the mom not to give it as they will likely refuse since the real thing is right there. She took it from me. No issues.

On Thursday of week 12, I started googling and found an article where the dad would wear his wife's bathrobe when feeding the baby. While I was reading this, Christopher was upstairs unsuccessfully trying to give her a bottle. I grabbed my robe and tucked it under her head, over his shoulder. She took it right away. It blew both of our minds. The next day, when the weather allowed, we tried the same thing with the nanny and it worked.

The baby just wanted to smell her mama while eating!!!

We used the robe for another week or so but we've been able to stop using it. And we've had no issues since!

And a funny quote by Carter - "Can you get me some cereal, then put that milk from your boobies in it?"

Tummy time!

Dojo baby


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