Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wrenn - Week 8

Wrenn started snuggling with blankies by week 8. She will pull the blankie up close to her face and nuzzle it when falling alseep. It's absolutely precious.

By this point, you might have also noticed that she likes to sleep with her pinky out a lot. This always cracked me up. She's so proper.

And my sweet girl gave out smiles often. Swoon.

The boys both went to a daycare center from 12 weeks until they started K. We had planned on doing the same for Wrenn, but after talking to a few friends and crunching some numbers, we realized we could hire a (live-out) nanny cheaper than what we would pay for daycare plus before and after school care for the boys. So I went on care.com and began a nanny search. It was very overwhelming and scary. I had many applicants. In one week, I narrowed it down to a few, chatted with references, and interviewed one. After interviewing Lindy, we knew she was the nanny for us. She is a conservative Christian girl with a very big heart. She felt so perfect for our family. She's nannied before (not for infants though) and also homeschooled for a missionary family in the Phillipines. We offered her the position, she went home and prayed about it, and accepted the next day!

Blurry, but too cute of a face not to share

Pinky out like a proper lady

My most favorite picture of her - love that face (she was looking up at her mama)

Bows & lashes


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