Saturday, June 20, 2015


I took my sweet girl to Piercing Pagoda this week to get her ears pierced! I don't remember having mine pierced (I was very young) and I had been wanting to pierce hers even before she was born.

I was waiting for the 6-month mark so I could have my ped do it. But my ped said they could do it, but a place like Piercing Pagoda had the same equipment but did it more often than their nurses did. Since that conversation, I've swung by PP twice to chat with the girl, but never got her ears pierced because I thought Christopher would want to be there for it.

Last weekend when I suggested we go, he said that he is okay with her getting it done but didn't want to see it. Oh, sweet daddy.

So I decided I would take her this past Monday night. I was so excited until around lunchtime on Monday. I started having second thoughts and was feeling bad for hurting her for vanity. I talked to a few girls at work; one suggested putting Ambesol on her ears beforehand.

I was still feeling uneasy, but my nanny won me over. She shared her personal story of the agony and stress she went through as a 12 y/o girl trying to work up the nerve to go get hers pierced. So she said that I am saving her the stress in the long run! What a good perspective! What little girl doesn't want her ears pierced? And if she doesn't, she can take them out!

So...we went. My hand was shaking as I signed the paperwork. The same girl that I had talked to several times before was actually leaving when we walked up but came back to do it. I knew that was a good sign.

So I sat down in the chair with Bird on my lap. (I had put Ambesol on about 5 minutes prior.) She marked the spots. Looked good. I held Wrenn's arms down with one arm and her head back to my chest with the other. She pierced one. Wrenn started crying. She pierced the other very quickly. I stood up with Wrenn, hugging her, and she calmed right down. I'd say she cried/whimpered for about 15 seconds. And she hasn't messed with them since.


And look how precious!

Right after

5 minutes later


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