Friday, September 4, 2015

A Long Weekend Ahead

I took a look at all of the pictures on my Google Photos from vacation (at the end of July) to present, and realized that I have a whole lot to catch you up on! I'm going to work on writing and scheduling posts this upcoming long weekend.

Hallelujah for long holiday weekends! Do you have plans for the long weekend? I'll be serving at church, cleaning the house (it needs it soooooo badly), doing laundry, blogging, helping with Cub Scout homework (we have TWO Cub Scouts now so double the homework!), and chasing my babies.

This little bird discovered my bag of onions; it kept her busy while I fixed dinner last night. I love how something "new" like onions, a can, Tupperware, or a spoon can keep her interested for a bit now.

Happy weekend, y'all. Be safe!



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