Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perfection is Overrated!

Typically at this point (when babies are downing ~8 oz per feeding), Moms have to tap into their frozen milk supply to keep up. And because I am so special, I don't have that luxury (read the story here of my convenient milk issue).

I knew I was going to have to supplement with formula at some point. I had talked to my pediatrician about it recently and she suggested making half breast milk/half formula bottles. So this week after much hesitation and guilt, I sent a half and half bottle to school. Carter didn't even notice that it was different (big sigh of relief)!!!

I felt like a failure and was feeling so guilty for having to do this. But then I thought about my struggles with breast milk and how I've rocked it out this long (without having a frozen stash to tap into, might I add!). And it's not like I've stopped nursing him (no, that drama will come in a few months). I'm just sending 2-3 half & half bottles to daycare a week to keep up. And there's nothing wrong with formula anyway! Landon was on formula from 4 months on. Why do moms beat themselves up over things like this? We want to do everything perfect and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We always try to fulfill unrealistic expectations. We worry about what kind of mom others think we are. We compare ourselves to other moms. I struggle with this every day. I am not a perfect person or a perfect mom. I just need to remember that I love my children, want the very best for them and do every thing I can to the best of my ability keeping them in mind.

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