Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Carter's Day

Per the usual, Carter woke up to a floor full of balloons and a room full of streamers for his 6th birthday! I hope the kids always remember that fondly (and do it for their kids!).

We looked at his birth announcement and tiny little footprints together. He had lots of questions about my pregnancy, his birth, and him as a baby. I thoroughly enjoyed thinking back on Carter as a baby and having this conversation with him. He was such an angel as a baby.

I made him his favorite breakfast, orange rolls. I personally think everyone should start their birthday with a candle in their favorite breakfast. 

He has been wanting a Paw Patrol play set for such a long time. Every time we go to Target, he takes his money, walks over to this play set, and I have to break the news that he doesn't have enough money. He usually ends up buying a movie instead of saving his money up so that he can buy it the next time. So we bought it for him for his birthday and his reaction was everything we thought it would be! 

Also, big brother is very much into Pokemon (not just collecting, but actually playing the cards). So naturally, Carter has been wanting his own Pokemon cards. We took it a step further and got him his very own Pokemon binder too! Landon drew the most awesome Pikachu cover for it. Carter was over the moon happy. I've seen him carefully organize and reorganize his cards multiple times since getting his binder.

He got to choose how we spent the day. First, lunch at Bojangles. Yup. Bojangles. The kid doesn't like Bojangles. But it has this cool mysterious vibe because we never go there because it's too spicy for me (and for him when we went one other time in their lives). So we went. He ate lots of fries with the yummy seasoning all over them. And maybe two bites of a chicken tender. Whatever. It's your birthday, man. 

Then we had an awesome afternoon at Pullen Park. They rode the carousel and kiddie boats. We walked around the pond watching the geese and ducks. They played on the fun playground equipment. And we rode the train around the park. It's such a great park - highly, highly recommend you go if you live anywhere near the Raleigh area. It's got a cool history and was the first public park in NC.

We had a great day celebrating our Carter Bear turning 6!!!

Read about Carter at 6 years old here, our family birthday celebration here, and details about his friend birthday celebration to come...


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