Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nursery Tour

A while back, I posted an almost-done nursery tour. The nursery is completely done now so I wanted to share.

When you walk into the nursery, the closet is to your left - I added two hot air balloon garlands on the closet door frame that Aunt Ashley made for my baby shower.

Then you've got her dresser/changing table (I changed the changing pad cover from pink to gray chevron to balance out the pink-overload). We also hung a hot air balloon (again, compliments of Aunt Ashley) from the ceiling in the corner. It has a name garland on it, but the dang thing keeps turning so that the garland is on the back. I need to get that fixed.

Moving around clockwise is the cozy nursing/reading corner with a rocker, bookshelf, lamp, and music. We'll spend a lot of time in this little corner.

(I asked Christopher to remove his dead tree from this corner and his response...I think it's got a little life left in it.  O_O)

Then my sweet bird's crib and toy box (made by my grandfather) is on the same wall as the door. I love everything about this section - the sanded and painted crib to fix the peeling, the hot air balloon sheets that were on back order for so long, the gray chevron bed skirt (again to balance out the pink, and will look better once the crib is dropped), the hot air balloon rug from my boss, and her name above the crib.

All we need now is baby Wrenn!

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